Your regulator is your life line to the surface 

Our service Technician  has being fully trained to the highest standards by the manufacturers  and approved to service your Regulator. Your regulator is  one of the most essential piece of life support equipment and the most important piece of your breathing system.  The only way to service a regulator is with the right service kits and the right tools and by approved service technician’s. 

A complete overhaul is very important and you should always follow the manufacturer’s guide lines and seek advice from your service technician as they have  being trained for that purpose  

here in our work shop we have  invested in the correct tools and equipment necessary to operate a modern scuba workshop dedicated to service & repairs . 

To service a scuba regulator you need to strip it completely down remove all the parts that need cleaning   then put into an ultrasonic bath containing BIOX .Then replace all parts required to return the regulator back into service.



Service Centre Labour Charges 2020

Regulator Service  ( Parts/Kits not included) € 
Regulator full set service (first stage, second stage, octopus, pressure gauge & L.P. hoses) 45
Regulator first stage on its own 30
Regulator second stage only 22
 Hourly Rate for poorly maintained equipment 35
all hoses checked  5
Pressure gauge service 10

All service kits are not the same and the costs change with manufacturer 

we offer bulk prices for dive clubs.  Email or ring  for details.



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