Here at Northwest Dive Shop / Services we are an official resellers and service agents for BAUER Breathing air compressors and COLTRI SUB Systems, we also supply bottle banks for storage solutions and decanting panels .

please Remember a poorly maintained compressor can cause problems So its important to service your compressor as per the recommendation’s of the manufacturer.

you not only have to change the oil and filters but you need to check the pistons and suction and delivery valves along with the pressure generated at each stage.

An air test is also one of the most important ways of telling you what you compressor is doing    

we offer a full service and repair with full air testing to the breathing Air Standards 

we can come to you or you can bring your compressor to us here in our work shop 

we service and supply all filters oil charge hoses and ends


Contact us for more details and prices   

+353 86 824 3798

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