Originally developed to meet the punishing demands of Navy SAR divers, the AP Commando (formerly BUDDY) went on to take the UK and northern European sport and technical diving market by storm, out-selling it’s rivals for over 30 years and still going strong.

The current series AP Commando retains the essential qualities and features on which its original success was based – such as superior build quality, lift and surface support characteristics – and adds the advantages offered by reflex technology.

The unique AP reflex comfort-fit system allows you to adjust the jacket fit and customize it specifically to your individual shape – with a one-time simple set-up adjustment in the height position of the waistband, shoulder buckles and the backplate length.

Cargo Clips (Standard)Integrated Weight System (Optional)
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  • Reflex adjustment system – allows you to fine-tune the fit at shoulders, waist and back
  • 1000 denier twin-bag construction – the toughest build quality on the market
  • Optional quick-release integrated weight pockets
  • Multiple lightweight aluminum 50mm D-rings – pre-bent to stand-off for easy clip-on
  • Option to add AP twinset cambands
  • Unique high-traction, stabilizing cylinder-cradle backplate designed to cater for different size single cylinders or twin-cylinder sets
  • Expandable gusset structure ensures the buoyancy cell inflates away from the body minimizing squeeze
  • Foldaway dedicated SMB pouch at rear – large enough to stow an AP SMBC
  • 10 x  welded aluminum D rings with pre-bent, stand-off shoulder rings for easy location and attachment
  • Option to add AP twinset cambands
  • Padded lumbar support
  • Foldaway hose runners
  • Unique AP twin-bag construction with bespoke Endura FX100 1000 denier coated-nylon outer bag air-tight PU welded inner bladder with lifetime warranty
  • Service zip allowing replacement/service of bladder and all valve


AP Diving

To help divers dive better – explore further, stay longer and enjoy the ride along the way. We do this by designing and manufacturing innovative (often revolutionary) products that are easy-to-use but enhance diver performance – even in the harshest conditions. Everything we make is conceived, tested and assembled in our factory and research centre in the heart of Cornwall, UK. We aim:
  • To be the be the best in everything we do from the boardroom to the shop-floor.
  • To help educate, support and inform the worldwide diving community wherever we can. Our doors are always open to divers who wish to visit and we’re happy to discuss any aspect of diving – from the operation of rebreather units, to specific dive plans, to advice on DIY servicing and repairs, the supply of custom tools or any other questions you may have. This is not a hollow promise. Give us a call to arrange a visit.
  • To adopt a no-compromise-on-quality approach to every product we make.
  • To enjoy diving with the kit we make.

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Inflator Types

APV100, APV200

Integrated Weights

Cargo Clips (Standard), Integrated Weight System (Optional)


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