O’THREE 65 Diving Semi-Dry Wetsuit


This suit can be worn from early summer through to mid September here in the UK
(14°c – 18°c) and comes into its own in the winter Red Sea and the Mediterranean.

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  • The Neoprene: The most critical element of any suit. The neoprene we use gives a high degree of comfort and flexibility, whilst minimizing compression, maximizing its recovery, therefore keeping you warmer for longer. O’Three’s 65 Semi Dry uses three densities of quality dive grade neoprene.

  • The Fabrics: In order to capitalize on the quality of the neoprene, we need to laminate it with the best fabric combinations. From the durable 210D fabric used on the seat and front of the legs, to the Thermal Plush used internally throughout the Torso, no fewer than 8 different linings have been utilized, each having a specific function and job to do.

  • The Cut: Tailoring and ergonomically shaping remain a priority. Get it right and the detail in marrying the Neoprene and Fabric combinations will come into their own.

  • Thickness: 6mm Body, 5mm Arms and legs.

  • Thermal Plush: Internally the torso has been laminated with Thermal Plush. This new material combines fibres and a unique weaving technique that will increase warmth and speed up drying times.

  • Seams: Triple glued and blind stitched, resulting in watertight seams.

  • Stretch Panels: A careful combination of supply neoprene and ultra-stretch linings, tailored into areas that require additional flex and comfort.

  • 210D – Fabric: A tried and tested version of the material we use on our Ri2-100 Dry Suit. 210D has been used on the rear and front leg panels.

  • Sea seal: Pressure fit glide skin wrist seal.

  • Floating Collar: A soft micro mesh combined with a super ultra-stretch lining resulting in a neck seal that floats and contours your neck like no other. Adjustable Velcro closure.

    Modern fabrics have allowed all manufacturers to produce products that now stretch and flex like never before.  Velcro will attach to some of these fabrics, this small disadvantage is far outweighed by the advantages of these modern fabrics. The issue is easily avoided by always marrying both parts of the Velcro when not in use.

  • Zip: YKK HD metal slider back zip.

  • Knee Pads: 210D Fabric has been reinforced with a strong, yet flexible PU laminate.

  • Storm Guard: 1mm super ultra-stretch neoprene barrier subtly incorporated into the zip panel, creating a 100% waterproof guard.

  • Color choice: All Black, with Alloy Blue and Mid Blue graphics Black with Pewter Grey Torso, with Orange / Silver Grey graphics.



Since the 1920’s we have developed respiratory protection for non-breathable environments above and below ground. Our technological milestones have been numerous and many of them have become industry standard. Since 2003 we have been part of the Ocenco group, one of the world leaders in respiratory protection.

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